Ascom nurse call: efficient, cheap and innovative

The pressure on health workers has never been as intense as in the past year. Nurse call systems contribute significantly to improving workflows and human resource management. However, only the best solutions in this field guarantee efficient, flexible and scalable performance. But what are these solutions?

Ascom nurse call systems

The nurse call system Ascom Telecare IP is designed to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities and homes equipped for the sick, while also contributing to a cost reduction. In what way?

Using innovative IP technology, the system Ascom It intelligently combines medical alarms, external technical alarms and a voice system at the head of the bed, far surpassing the traditional benefits of a nurse call system, supporting patient call, assistance call, emergency alarm and nurse presence.

Economic advantages

The system is the most efficient and cost-effective choice, thanks to IP technology that enables it to operate on existing infrastructure, without the need to install new networksmaking it easily adaptable to different organisational needs.

In addition, thanks to thedecentralised system architectureadding a room, changing configurations or even merging departments becomes an easy task. In fact, regardless of the size of the healthcare facility, the system will adapt to different needs, without high additional costs.

call-nurse-care-patients-module-wallAscom wireless nurse call

Flexibility and adaptability are among the most important features for dealing adequately with any situation. This is why Ascom has also developed a wireless version of the Telecare system, easy, fast and functional installation.

The solution Wireless IP telecare of Ascom uses the latest technology to ensure security, comfort and efficiency. Wireless modules can be positioned wherever they are needed, thus ensuring maximum flexibility in relation to requirements.

Economic advantages

Installing wireless IP Telecare is advantageous in terms of both cost and effectiveness. The system is perfect for small organisations with limited budgets and for temporary structures like field hospitals, not requiring the installation of an extensive and expensive, wired infrastructure. Although economic advantage is a key point, those who benefit most are the patients and staff.

Far beyond normal services

La possibility of integration with devices pager, DECT IP e VoWiFi of Ascom is an important added value for the system.

Only Ascom's Telecare IP systems integrate the end-to-end messages, the emergency calls and the management of removals into a single platform.

In this way, the system offers an effective internal and external voice communication and messaging solution, providing visible and audible alarms for patients and staff. Thanks to the two-way communication solution, the limitations of most nurse call devices can be overcome, enabling patients to communicate also with their loved ones.

For this, numerous facilities including the Monzino Cardiology Centre have already chosen this system.

Want to know more? Download the guide of Irbema on nurse call systems, or contact us and one of our experts will answer all your questions.


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