Man-down alarm | The advantages of Irbema solutions
Man-down alarm Irbema

Man-down alarm devices Twig are designed for all categories of workers at risk (lone workers, security, heavy industry) and for anyone who needs a personal safety device (the elderly, women, healthcare personnel).

There are numerous functionalities that make the of the Finnish brand practical and easy to use. Among these is certainly Ir-TrackThe innovative software developed by Irbema with which it is possible, in the event of a danger alert, visualise in real time on a map the precise point at which it was generated.

What are the advantages of IR-TRACK?

Thanks to the map viewable from both desktop that from smartphone, it is possible immediately locate the person in dangerspeeding up rescue operations. The software also allows the management and the recording of alarms.

But that's not all, in fact Irbema's exclusive software offers other significant advantages, such as:

  • Visualisation Google Maps 'classic' or 'satellite' and customised map
  • Installable both on local PCs and in the cloud
  • Backward compatibility with all Twig models
  • Monitoring of device status and charge level
  • Outdoor and indoor localisation
  • Customisation for different alarm types such as man-down, non-movement, impact and fall

Man-down alarm indoor and outdoor

In order to protect the safety of insulated workers in both indoor and outdoor environments, it is necessary to have versatile, adaptable solutions that can withstand even the harshest conditions such as environments Atex. In particular, by interfacing with various devices such as Wi-Fi access points, beacons and BLE, the device enables indoor localisation even in the absence of a GPS signal.

Thanks to GNSS technology and the sensors with which the Twig devices are equipped, it is possible to detect their position even outdoors with avery high precision.

For more details on the Ir-Track system visit the dedicated page e contact us.


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