5 tips on how to cope with the Covid-19 emergency according to Ascom

The current pandemic emergency situation is putting a strain on hospitals working to cope with the Covid-19 emergency. The workload for healthcare workers is continuously increasing, and consequently so are the risks to the safety of healthcare workers and patients.

Unfortunately, in many realities, resources are limited compared to the constant increase in the number of in-patients; this makes it necessary to fast and reliable solutions to rationalise and optimising workflows in total safety.

5 tips for coping with the Covid-19 emergency

  • In order to minimise the spread of contagion, the support of tools that enable the remote monitoring of patients, as is the case with Digistat® Wearables, a solution that has already been successfully implemented both in Italy and abroad and which, above all, can be reused in the post-Covid period as the case of the Dutch hospital of Slingeland.
  • To ensure efficient and non-invasive care for patients, it is essential to have an adequate nurse call systemHowever, it is important to equip facilities that need such devices as quickly as possible. All this is possible thanks to a system such as Wireless IP Telecare. This system requires no cabling and ensures maximum versatility. Telecare IP Wireless is also available in a wearable wristband version and in the more classic bedside module, to equip each facility with an ad hoc system according to its needs.
  • The last few months have confirmed how helpful it can be for patients to maintain contact, albeit at a distance, with their relatives. This is why Ascom has developed a plug & play kit which in addition to the canonical nurse call function allows the outward calls not to leave the sick isolated. The kit is available in both IP-DECT version both in that Wi-Fi and is complete with all necessary supports.
  • Security systems reliability offering a significant contribution to cope with the Covid-19 emergency. To avoid any kind of unforeseen eventuality, it is therefore advisable to use recognised partners such as Ascom. The Swedish company's equipment is now a benchmark for the market, thanks to decades of experience in the field and the recognised robustness of its products.
  • All major health authorities have consistently emphasised the importance of hygiene in the fight against the virus; therefore, it is essential to have fully sanitised systemslike the entire range of Ascom call devices. Of course, sanitising methods can vary from product to product, and there is often a fear of damaging the products. However, in the brochure that can be downloaded via the button below you will find a useful guide to this, as well as all specific information on the above-mentioned solutions.


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