2018: A tragic year for occupational safety

It is not a title we have chosen to seek easy sensationalism. It is rather a sad un given.

In 2018 we witnessed a surge in accident ratesbut above all to a dramatic increase in fatal accidents, amounting to a desolating +9,4% compared to 2017.

According to research by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, there are more than 5.500 people who lose their lives in the workplace every year.

An exorbitant number, especially when compared to the 4.5 million accidents involving an absence from work of more than three days, totalling some 146 million lost working days. The problem particularly affects small and medium-sized enterprises.

If the flag for occupational mortality goes to Romania, our country is instead among the countries that spend the least on prevention and the health of their workers.

"Is it possible to reverse this trend?"

The answer is yes, but it is necessary to prevention using safe and high-performance devices, raise awareness decision-makers and managers, but above all to increase the workplace safety culture.


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